Windy Days On The Lagoon

Winter weather in Florida is nearly as beautiful as it is any other time of the year. However, one thing we deal with more often this season than any other is wind. Navigating in wind can be tricky and unpleasant for the less salty boat club members out there. Here are a few tips for dealing with wind if your day happens to be a bit more blustery than you’d predicted.

Get comfortable with your boat

As a 321 Boat Club member, you have the unique opportunity to try out a lot of different boats every day. Get a feel for how each boat handles in every condition. Pontoon and speed boats will handle differently in different conditions. During the summer and more mild months, become comfortable with the way each boat handles. This way when you can expect some wind, you know what boat to pick.

Take it easy

There’s no reason to try and go all “Speed Racer” when the conditions are less than desirable. The waves created by the wind will give you a rocky ride to say the least. Take swells and waves slow and you won’t get really wet. 

Avoid it

We always remind every member to check the weather before they reserve their boat for the day. Nobody likes to boat on a bad day. Inclement weather is the best way to take advantage of the fact that you can just call and reserve a boat for any day of the week. When the weather looks less than desirable, move your reservation to clearer skies.

Knowing your boat and taking it easy on windy days are the two most important things you can do to ensure you have a good day on even the less-than-ideal boating days. But, the best part about having a 321 Boat Club Membership is being able to move that reservation. If you want to make a reservation or are feeling like maybe next weekend will be better for your excursion, give us a call today!