Why Not Learn to Wakeboard?

At 321 Boat Club we love to see our members get out on the river and get active. There are so many great activities to do whether you’re on the boat or behind it! One of our favorite things to watch is wakeboarding. Haven’t tried wakeboarding yet? Check out the following tips for a smooth first experience.

  • Always use a spotter. Grab an extra friend to watch your moves from the boat. A spotter will quickly notice when you fall or give a signal, while allowing the driver to stay focused on driving.
  • Know the appropriate speed. Wakeboarding actually requires less speed than sports like skiing. It’s recommended to keep the speed between 14 and 19 mph.
  • Start in an easier stance. Place your back binding far back at the end of the board, and keep it aligned at zero degrees. This will allow you to put pressure right on the back fin. Your front binding should ideally be about a 15-27 degree angle directed slightly toward the front of your board.
  • Distribute your weight. When you’re standing up on the board for the first time you’ll need to put some weight on the front of the board. However, when you’re standing you’ll need to shift your weight back to the rear.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and that you enjoy wakeboarding as much as we love to watch our members participate! Contact your boat club in Melbourne, FL today to reserve the ideal boat for your next big adventure!