What to Expect in the Winter Fishing Season

Fishing in the Indian River Lagoon is an exciting perk for 321 Boat Club Members. No matter the time of year, you can pick up the phone to reserve your boat for the day. After you’ve picked up your tackle and poles and are headed to the docks, you may want to think about how the winter season will affect your fishing. Truth is, winter fishing is just as fruitful in Florida as it is any other time of year, you’ve just got to know where to look!

When temperatures begin to drop in the winter, it’s all about timing. In the summer you’d want to get out early before the lagoon heated up too much and caused the fish to dive deep for cooler water. In the winter, fish are looking for the warmest water possible, you’ll be able to catch a few mid-afternoon! (They do call it fishing not catching after all.)

You’ll be primarily fishing for redfish and sea trout this time of year however, you may just get a black drum, Spanish mackerel, jack, or blue fish. You’ll have a lot of luck with shrimp and blue crab as bait as well, because they are the primary forage during the cooler winter months.

In the winter fish love warm water, you’ll find them in more shallow waters. While you won’t want to take your boat too close to the sandy shore, you can tuck yourself away in a wind-free mangrove shallow and cast away!

Fishing in the winter is just as exciting as fishing in the summer, spring, and fall months. You’ve just got to know where to go! If you have questions about honey holes, or where to fish in the Indian River, Banana, or Mosquito Lagoons, ask us when you call to make your reservation. We hang out on the water all day, and may just have good advice for you!