Welcoming Fall Weather at 321 Boat Club

At 321 Boat Club we are sad to see the summer season go. We’ve enjoyed seeing you and your families out on the river creating new memories. While we love summer time, we are very much looking forward to a cooler, fun fall season.

Summer will officially be over as of September 22nd and the fall season will begin. While there’s nothing quite like boating in the summer, we are fortunate that Florida weather allows us to enjoy river boating all year long. At 321 Boat Club we are looking forward to the fall season bringing cooler weather and less rain showers.

As your Space Coast boat club, we are happy to provide you and your family with a great time on the water during every season of the year. We look forward to leaving the summer showers behind us and enjoying the cooler weather during this upcoming fall. Contact 321 Boat Club today to reserve a boat for your first fall outing of the year.