Tips for the Tubing Novice

At 321 Boat Club we want you to get the most out of each of your boating adventures. If you are looking to add some extra fun to your next boat outing, you might consider tubing behind the boat. We thought we’d share a few safety tips to help make your tubing experience a safe and memorable one.

• Read all the safety warnings the tube has to offer. There are several different sizes and types of tubes with all different warnings that are important to heed.
• Every tube rider should wear a life jacket.
• Steer the boat gently in a zigzag pattern. The tube will move in the opposite direction that the boat turns.
• Operate at a safe speed, especially in choppy conditions. Typically speeds under 25 mph for adults and 15 mph for young kids are safe speeds.
• Always have a spotter. As the driver, you need to pay attention to what is ahead. Have someone in the boat that can constantly look backwards to check on the tubers.

As your Space Coast boat club, we hope you have a great boating experience. Contact us today to reserve your next day out on the water.