The Weekend Is for Unwinding!

At 321 Boat Club we know just how precious your time on the weekends really is. After working a full week, it can be tempting to use your weekend to get chores done. But as your go-to resource for boat rental on the Space Coast we encourage you to use your weekend to unwind!

When you work full-time, chores can pile up pretty easily, but so can your stress levels. The weekend exists because your brain and body need to take a break. Is cleaning out your garage or paying bills giving your body the break that it needs? While these chores are important do need to get completed at some point, we want to remind you how important it is to enjoy your weekend by enjoying your membership. Consider a morning boat rental and you can be back to your responsibilities by the afternoon.

At 321 Boat Club we want you to get the most out of your boat club membership and your weekend! Call today to schedule your next boat rental outing!