The Joys of Boating without the Pains of Owning

At 321 Boat Club we look forward to you joining your Space Coast boat club. There are several benefits to joining that we wanted to share with you.

• The cost of your membership is comparable to the price of storage in a marina. These costs are not including maintenance, fuel, insurance, and other costs.

• There is a variety of boats for you to choose from each time you go boating, including sailboats and an array of powerboats. No matter the activity you and your friends or family wish to participate in, if it’s out on the river, we’ve got you covered.

• 321 Boat Club also offers custom hours for its members. This means that boat rental is available through your membership from sun up to sun down.

• There is no hassle involved when you sign up for a membership. You can drive up to our marina, take out the boat of your choice, bring the boat back, and drive away. There is no need for a trailer or any kind of hassle that trailering involves.

• Our fleet is well maintained and that means you have no worries about maintenance and other responsibilities that you would by owning your own boat.

If you’re interested in experiencing all the joys of owning a boat without the hassles that entails, then a membership with 321 Boat Club is the right choice for you. If you rent one of our boats for a day and then decide to join the club within a week of your rental, the rental price will be deducted from your membership fee.