Sun Shielding Tips for Your Next Boating Expedition

At 321 Boat Club we are excited for the upcoming warmer weather. While we all know that with warmer weather comes greater exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, we thought we would share some helpful tips to protect your skin while enjoying your boat membership during the warmer seasons.

Make sure you apply sunscreen and lots of it. While SPF 15 is better than no sunscreen, if you are going to spend the day out on the river you may want to reach for a higher SPF. SPF stands for ‘Sun Protection Factor’ and refers to the amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburn. Theoretically, an SPF 15 implies you can stay in the sun fifteen times longer than you could without sunscreen. However there are several different factors that can affect the sun’s impact on your body including skin type and current medication. When you’re out on the river be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day as sweat and water can remove your original application.

Different types of clothing can also be helpful in deterring sunrays. If you choose to wear protective clothing, you can tell if UV waves can get through the fabric by holding it up to the sun. If you can see beams of light through your apparel, the UV rays can reach your skin. Our boats come equipped with Biminis, which can help you escape the sun.

At your Space Coast boat club we want you to enjoy your day in the sun, not get burned by it. Follow these simple steps to keep your skin protected while experiencing your membership.