Stuck on land for boat repairs this weekend?

It’s that time of the season where summer’s boat-lovers are beginning to feel the wear and tear on their vessels. There’s no doubt that Floridians love the water, but nobody loves the headache of boat maintenance and repair. Just when you’ve got the time set aside and the urge to leave shore, something goes wrong.

321 Boat Club is your Melbourne FL boat source to make sure that every time you want to hit the water, you can do it quickly and easily. We’ll have your boat of choice prepped and ready to run. Just hop in, clear the no wake zone in under three minutes, and you’re set for a day of fun on the water while your pals are left tinkering with parts and negotiating service prices.

321 Boat Club is a valuable alternative to boat ownership because it’s an excellent value and it considers your time. People don’t buy boats because they like towing, storing, and fixing them: people want boats to get out on the water. And we make the very best part of boating yours cost-effectively and hassle-free! Call 321 Boat Club today if you’re tired of the struggle of boat ownership!