Show Your Guests a Great Time

With thousands of snowbirds migrating to Florida from the north during winter months, you must have family in town that needs some good old-fashioned outdoor entertainment! At 321 Boat Club we want you to show our fair weather friends that the rivers on the Space Coast are boating friendly all year long.

Give your guests a break from the tired theme parks and other mundane tourist attractions and use your Melbourne Boat Club membership to take them on an original adventure. What better use of your membership than to splash around with family you don’t get to see very often? They will surely be impressed and they will have a blast out on the river.

Let us Floridians shed our winter coats and get our snowbird guests out of the house and onto the water. Both air and water temperatures in Florida stay boat friendly year round as opposed to the icy temperatures experienced just a few states northward. Your guests are sure to want to return after experiencing the thrill of boating in Florida during winter months while their friends up north are still scraping ice off their cars and shoveling a path just to get the mail!

321 Boat Club will be glad to wow your out of town guests, so take advantage of your membership and bring them out today!