Sea Grass Gains Acreage in the Lagoon: What You Can Do to Respect The River

This year the St. Johns River Water Management District  scientists have found that the acreage of seagrass in the Indian River Lagoon has seen moderate increases. This is wonderful news because seagrass is a crucial piece of the lagoon ecosystem. As your Boat Rental club, we feel it’s very important to be a part of the solution and help save our lagoon. Here are a few things you can do to help keep the lagoon healthy.

First things first, steer clear of seagrass beds. The seagrass growing in shallow areas are working hard to gain acreage. Make anchor away from seagrass and don’t tread on it in shallow waters.

Pack away your trash. When you’re enjoying an afternoon on the boat, make sure you collect all your trash in the boat and dispose of it when you return to shore. Cigarette butts are the number one item recovered during coastal clean ups. Keep ALL your trash on the boat.

Tell all your friends. When you bring friends and family on the boat for a fun excursion remind them that the lagoon you’re having so much fun on, is reaching a tipping point. Spreading awareness is the first step in keeping it healthy. After that you can discuss what you’re doing at home, like properly disposing of medications, reducing or eliminating the use of fertilizer on your lawns and creating habitats by planting mangroves.

At 321 Boat Club we want to keep our lagoon safe so we can continue enjoying this beautiful state we live in for many years to come. If we all pitch in and do our part to keep the lagoon healthy, even more seagrass acreage can be gained in the upcoming years and our exotic wildlife can continue to flourish.