Reserve Your Boat for Your Next River Adventure

At 321 Boat Club we are proud to serve as your boat club in Melbourne, FL. If you are a current member we kindly remind you that it is in your best interest to reserve your boat in advance. If you have a specific activity in mind for your river excursion, we want to be sure to have that vessel that suits your particular needs for that day’s plans.

While we do have the largest rental fleet available in Florida, we encourage our members to contact us in advance to reserve the vessel of their choice. Perhaps you are planning a day of fishing, tubing, skiing or just cruising around the river under the Florida sun. In order to be sure that we can provide you with the best service possible, please make a reservation prior to the day of your outing.

As your boat club in Melbourne, FL we look forward to meeting and exceeding your boat rental expectations. Contact us today about your next boat reservation!