NOAA Makes a Big Change

At 321 Boat Club we know you like to stay up to date on boating safety and news. We thought you might be interested that National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has shocked the boating world by announcing their decision to stop printing lithographic nautical charts by April 13th.

This announcement comes as a shock to long time boaters as NOAA has printed the charts since 1862. Don’t worry NOAA is not leaving boaters high and dry. Advances over the last century have made it more practical to stop printing and rely on more on technology. Their newest product is a PDF nautical chart that will be free to download on a provisional basis.  There are also several other options available to meet your specific needs.

Your Melbourne, FL boat club knows it may take some time for conventional boaters to adjust to the new age nautical charts, so head out on the water with us and get acquainted with the new versions!