National Coast Guard Day is August 4th

At 321 Boat Club we would like to recognize the upcoming National Coast Guard Day. Because of the courageous sacrifices they have made to keep our coastlines safe, we believe the organization deserves this day of recognition and observance.

Monday August 4th is designated as National Coast Guard Day. August 4th is celebrated as Coast Guard Day every year because it is the date that the predecessor to the National Coast Guard was born, known as the Revenue Cutter Service. The then Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton signed the construction of ten cutters or vessels in order to help protect the initial tariff laws. Though it was not known as the Coast Guard until its merger with the Lifesaving Service in 1915, the government defense program has a long and rich history. In 1939 the Lighthouse Service joined the Coast Guard, and later in 1946 the Bureau of Navigation and Steamboat Inspection followed suit. After just under 200 years in service under the Treasury Department, the Coast Guard was transitioned to the young Department of Transportation. Celebrations and festivals are held in honor of National Coast Guard Day across the United States.

As your Melbourne, FL boat club we are proud of our National Coast Guard and are thankful for their service. If you are interested in celebrating this day out on the water contact us today to reserve your vessel.