Membership Advantage: Birthdays

Membership in the 321 Boat Club means all the convenience of boat ownership without the hassles of insurance, maintenance, storage, or repair. As a club member, all you have to do is show up and the boat is ready for you to hit the water! There’s no more convenient way to enjoy your time off-shore. And this January, we’re reminding¬† you of ways to make the most of your membership by celebrating special occasions on the water.

If someone you love is having a birthday soon, be sure to let us know which boat you’d like to use. You can take a party boat for 15 people, or plan a smaller getaway of your own. Perhaps your partner or child would enjoy a memorable day out on the water to mark their special day. Be sure to use your boat club membership to wow your loved ones on their birthdays and to celebrate your own!

We’re excited to have you as a part of your Melbourne boat club. We know that the more you use your membership, the more you’ll love it. So next time you sing Happy Birthday, do it out on the water using your 321 Boat Club membership!