Looking Forward to Winter Weather at Your Melbourne Boat Club

At 321 Boat Club we are very excited to finally experience some real fall weather. While we have seen several glimpses of dryer, cooler weather, they have quickly been followed by bursts of moist, warm days. While people located farther north on the coast need to pack their boats into storage, as your boat club in Melbourne, FL we gladly embrace all four seasons of every year.

With winter just a few short weeks away, we wanted to remind you that even when “winter” weather hits us here in Florida, we are still able to enjoy the Florida sun out on the river. Grab a light jacket, and an extra change of clothes just incase of some splashing, and you’ll be set to go for a nice cruise along the shore or perhaps a deck picnic.

As your boat club in Melbourne, FL we look forward to seeing you enjoy your boat membership all year long. Contact our staff today about booking the perfect vessel for your next river adventure.