Location, Location, Location!

Are you thinking about joining 321 Boat Club? You’ve come to the right place. What they say in real estate is also true for boat marinas: location, location, location!

321 Boat Club is located where the Banana River meets the Indian River. Our prime location means you get the choice between two rivers! Whether you have a favorite restaurant on one river or a favorite island on the other–the choice is yours. If you don’t have a favorite destination in mind, we will provide you with maps to find a favorite destination. It only takes minutes to get out of “no wake zones” from our marina, so you can be up to speed and splashing around in no time.

We are the closest club to Orlando that offers both Jet Skis and boats. We are also rated in several publications as a top boat club in Florida.

As your Space Coast boat club, we look forward to helping you get out on the water and enjoy yourself as much as possible. As a boat club situated between two Florida rivers, location doesn’t get much better than ours!