Learn to Boat with PWC Safety School

Ask any boat captain about when they learned to maneuver their vessel. Most likely they’ll rewind decades to when they were just small scallywags and their father captain showed them the ropes. But, if you’re a more mature scallywag with no father captain to guide your boat training what are you to do? Don’t worry there’s an easy answer to this: it’s called PWC Safety School.

PWC Safety School is an online personal watercraft certification program. It is a safety course that teaches newbies like yourself the things you need to be safe and responsible boaters. It is affiliated with the Boater Exam curriculum and testing protocols and is recognized by 42 states and Canada. In some cases taking this course is mandatory. It is not in Florida. However, by participating in this certification program you will be taught Florida specific information, like how to scoot around manatees and other endangered marine wildlife.

You may be wondering how effective an online boating course can be, but rest assured the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, and the U.S. Coast Guard have approved PWC Safety School.

The process is simple. You log into pwcsafetyschool.com and click on Florida. You’ll be taken through an animated course where you will learn all you need to know about boating in Florida. Study up hard because once you’re ready you’ll take the exam, and pay 29.95 once you’ve passed. After you’ve passed you print out your certification and make your boat reservation so you can enjoy your newly earned knowledge.

While learning how to maneuver a boat like an expert does require hands-on experience, the PWC Safety School is a great place to start. So, if you’re a little nervous about calling to reserve your daily boat rental because you’re not sure what to do, head on over to PWC Safety School.  Before you know it you’ll have newbie scallywags asking you how you learned the ropes. You can tell them “Thar World Wide Web.”