Keeping Cool On The Water

As we’re steadily creeping into the hot depths of summer you may be thinking that a day on the river is the perfect antidote. You’d be partially right. Feeling the breeze on the water can keep you nice and cool on a hot day, but being out of the shade for an afternoon can take its toll. Here are a few things you can do to keep cool while relaxing on the boat.

  • B.Y.O.S. – Bring Your Own Shade. Most of our fleet come with shade coverings but if you want to move about the boat comfortably and freely, wear a wide-brimmed hat or bring an umbrella. You’ll feel cooler instantly.
  • Cool Drinks – Stock your cooler full of ice and freezing cold drinks. Chilly thirst quenchers will keep you cool and well hydrated. Don’t forget cup Koozies to keep that cold inside.
  • Battery-operated Fans – Having a hand-held fan on board can help you out if that breeze dies down. Bonus points for having one that has a spray bottle attached. Using the power of evaporation you’ll cool down in no time.

Baking-hot temperatures shouldn’t thwart an exciting boat day on the Indian River. Take these easy tips into consideration when you call to reserve your boat and you’ll be cool all afternoon. And don’t forget, you can always jump in or step on the gas and get a good breeze going.