Keep it Clean: How to Dispose of Your Garbage While Boating

Being a member of 321 Boat Club gets you up close and personal with one of our nation’s most treasured ecosystems, the Indian River Lagoon. You’re able to take any boat in our fleet out for an afternoon of wildlife spotting, fishing, tubing, and spending time with your loved ones. However, when you’re enjoying your time on the river it’s extremely important to remember that we’re responsible for keeping this lagoon safe for the animals and plants that live in it. This means properly disposing of your trash.

Having picnics and fishing are much more fun activities when you’re on a boat, but they generally come with some amount of trash to dispose of. At one point in time nobody thought twice about tossing a soda bottle over board, or releasing a tangled fishing line into the wind. But, this littering has caused real problems for all types of lagoon wildlife. Making sure you’re disposing of your trash correctly is the first step in rehabilitating the lagoon.

Fishing Line – Fishing line can cause tremendous problems for fish, birds and marine mammals alike. The recycling of old and tangled fishing line is picking up steam everywhere. You can normally find receptacles on docks as well as right off the beaches. When you’re fishing off the boat and your line gets tangled, clip it an store it in your tackle box until you get back to shore. There you can locate a recycling receptacle and dispose of it.

Other Trash – Never forget to bring an extra bag for trash. When you’ve finished eating your picnic and have empty soda bottles and sandwich bags rolling about the hull, place them in the bag. Put the bag in a safe place, so the wind won’t catch it and pull it into the lagoon. When you pull up to the dock after your rendezvous, bring the trash to a trash bin. That was so easy, and you saved countless marine lives in the process.

Keeping the lagoon clean and healthy for generations to come is easy. By respecting the lagoon while you enjoy the freedoms that come with 321 Boat Club Membership, you’re protecting the beautiful estuary for you to sail another day.