Introverts Beware: Boaters Like to Wave!

A study by BoatUS indicates that 99.4% of members wave while boating. We know that 321 Boat Club members are happier spending time on a boat, but we didn’t quite expect that 99.4% of boaters surveyed would answer “yes” when asked: “Do you wave (to other boats)?”

Interestingly, it doesn’t matter what kind of boat survey respondents used. Boaters of any kind waived to fellow seafarers no matter the vessel type. Boaters simply share the universal greeting to be courteous and, we speculate, because boating is just so enjoyable we can’t help but spread the goodwill.
So if you’re an introvert, be forewarned. Joining 321 Boat Club may stretch your comfort zone. As you pass the no wake zone, you might just find yourself exhibiting friendliness you’d never expect on land. So hop into your private vessel, get a little distance from the shore, and experience just enough isolation to motivate you to wave to passers-by!