Ideal Snacks for Your Winter River Adventure

At 321 Boat Club we are so grateful for the mild winter weather we get here on the Space Coast each year. Because of our mild winters, we can truly provide great boating experiences throughout the year. While the Melbourne area is extremely beautiful during winter, it can get a little chilly when cruising on the boat, which gives you a chance to get creative with the snacks that you bring.

If you’re considering taking advantage of your membership and heading out on the river this winter with your family and friends, consider bringing some unique snacks to stay warm. Here is a list of a few of our favorite winter treats:

  • Hot chocolate
  • Crab or lobster bisque
  • Cheese dip and crackers
  • Chili
  • Croissants

Grab your favorite thermos and insulated bag or cooler in order to keep your snacks as warm as possible. Don’t forget the napkins! As your boat club in Melbourne, we can’t wait to see what snack our members think of next!