How to Safely Spot Manatees During Your Next Boat Rental

As your go-to resource for boat rentals, we know that a lot of our members enjoy spotting wildlife while out on the rivers. There are plenty of manatees to spot during your river adventures, but there are also several pieces of advice you should follow to ensure their safety. We’d like to share a few of those tips with you here:

  • Don’t touch the manatees.
  • Avoid excessive noise and splashing if you’re near a manatee.
  • Don’t feed the manatees any food or water. If they become accustomed to people, it can alter their behavior in the wild and can make them lose their fear of boats, which can put them in harm’s way.
  • Do not pursue or chase a manatee.
  • Don’t isolate a manatee from its group.
  • If a manatee avoids you, avoid it.

Manatees are beautiful creatures that we need to help protect. If you’re interested in safely spotting some wildlife during your next boat rental, ask our staff for additional tips and advice.