How to Make a Memorable Valentine’s Day Date

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, 321 Boat Club knows what makes for a romantic evening for you and your significant other. And you don’t even need to leave Brevard County to experience it.

Between 1953 and 1961, the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway was created by dredging a 12 feet deep channel in the Indian River Lagoon. This dredging led to the creation of 137 spoil islands down the 156 miles that make up the Indian River Lagoon. Though they were not originally created for this specific purpose, these islands in the middle of the Indian River make for a secluded, romantic setting for any couple.

You may not realize it but the Indian River is a great spot for creating a romantic Valentine’s Day. Here are some ways to use a boat on the Indian River to create that perfect evening.

Preparing for the Evening

For a romantic evening such as this, it’s important to properly prepare. Pack a traditional picnic basket, real cutlery and silverware (as opposed to paper plates and plastic utensils), champagne glasses, and a comfortable blanket to make for a special dinner on one of the spoil islands.

Considering that this is a special evening that was planned well in advance, dress nice for the evening. Don’t wear clothes that will be ruined if they get dirty but the best clothes you have that can be worn for a picnic.

Cruise Privately to a Deserted Island

A deck boat is an excellent choice to cruise to one of the deserted spoil islands. Deck boats are perfect for this occasion because the front of the vessel has ample room for you to cozy up and enjoy the evening as the boat floats down the river.

Once you get into the open waters of the river, let the boat drift as you and your date lay on the deck enjoying the lovely Florida weather. The lack of distance between the mainland and the island means you can drift aimlessly in the water until you’re ready to move onto the island for dinner.

Have a Picnic

Once you’ve reached the island and secured the boat, spread out the blanket and prepare the meal. It’s a good idea to have a home-cooked version of your date’s favorite food. This will show your dedication to the evening.

The seclusion of the island will also add to the romance of the evening. Make sure you plan for plenty of time so you and your special companion can enjoy your dinner with no rush and savor the time you’re spending together for this annual holiday.

When the picnic is over, put the food, plates, and glasses back in the basket and return them to the boat nearby. This way you won’t have to worry about collecting them when it’s time to leave. But hold onto that blanket, as you’ll want to use that before it’s time to leave the island.

Watch the Sunset

An important aspect in making this journey a memorable romantic experience is timing. The sun usually sets on the Indian River around 6:00 pm on Valentine’s Day but it’s a good idea to check while making your arrangements.

By timing your dinner to finish about 15 minutes prior to the sunset, you can find a beautiful, secluded spot for just the two of you to sit and watch the sun set over the river. Lay out the blanket where you’re planning on watching the sunset so you don’t get too dirty. It will also give you a more comfortable spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Boating Under the Moonlight

Once the sun goes down, it’s time to make your way back to the dock. Away from the city lights, you can wrap up under your blanket on the deck of the boat under the stars and moonlight. Ending your evening in this romantic setting will leave you and your darling with a long-lasting memory.

You may not realize it at first glance but an evening on the Indian River in Brevard County can make for a splendid Valentine’s Day. Take a boat down the Indian River to one of the secluded spoil islands for an intimate and romantic evening with your special Valentine’s Day date.