Healthy Boating Snacks

321 Boat Club members know that boating is easy and convenient when you’re part of a club. Just show up and hit the dock! You’re a few minutes to the wake zone and ready for a great day. Maximize your time out on the water and the health benefits of your boat time by packing healthful snacks. You’ll have more energy and leave the water feeling energized.

Here are some nutritionist-recommended snacks that make for easy cooler snacks:

  • Hummus and crackers: high protein, low calorie. You’ll feel great after this kind of snack!
  • Fruit: grapes are easy to pass around. Or choose a pre-cut fruit container from Publix for an easy snack. Pineapple especially refreshing on the boat!
  • Almonds: opt for oven-roasted without added salt. Protein and omega 3 fatty acids. So good for you!
  • Low fat string cheese¬†is a protein-dense, balanced snack.
  • Water:¬†lots of it! Drink one glass of water for every adult beverage to stay hydrated.

High-fat, salty snacks might be tempting as you pack your bags, but remember that you’ll be out in the heat and fresh sunshine. Pack foods worthy of the experience and you’ll find yourself energized for longer excursions and more fun! Enjoy healthy meals on board as you utilize your 321 Boat Club membership.