Have an Island Picnic this Spring!

With spring in the air and warm temperatures on the way, now is the perfect time to have an island picnic. The Indian River Lagoon is sprinkled with islands ideal for enjoying a day spent with your boat rental membership. Pack a picnic lunch and grab your family or friends for memories to last all summer long.

The first step is to pick your spot. Check out the Visitor Information page at Spoil Island Project to identify your island destination. The site provides information on specific amenities available (such as pavilions, barbecue grills, etc.), as well as helpful boating tips on safely approaching the various islands. The Melbourne, FL waterway experts here at 321 Boat Club are also available to provide you with maps, suggestions, and tips!

Once you have your destination in mind, it’s time to pack your picnic basket – since there are no stores in this unspoiled island wilderness! Be sure to include plenty of provisions, since all that time spent boating and exploring can work up an appetite. Hearty sandwiches, loaded submarines, or fried chicken tenders paired with potato chips or fruit and veggie slices makes for a meal everyone will enjoy! Or, if you are up for a little extra planning, head for an island with a BBQ grill and bring your charcoal and fish or meat to grill up on the spot. Cold refreshments will be much appreciated, so pack bottled water, sports drinks, or your favorite sodas. Don’t forget to bring plates, napkins, and plasticware for the occasion – as well as trash bags for clean up.

When you have conquered the land and feasted on your meal, pack up your belongings and start your motor to head back to shore. Once you’re back on shore, grab your calendar and start planning your next day for a boat rental and a new, unique destination to explore!