Florida Anchoring and Mooring Pilot Programs

In 2009, Florida enacted legislation that prevented local governments from restricting the anchoring of cruising boats. As part of that legislation, the Commission created a Pilot Program that allowed five local governments to develop local anchoring regulations outside their permitted mooring field. The City of St. Augustine, City of Stuart/Martin County, City of St. Petersburg, City of Sarasota and Monroe County/Marathon/Key West all participated in the pilot program.

While 321 Boat Club members are not currently affected, we will keep our members updated related to regulations on anchoring and mooring cruising boats. Under current law, these pilot ordinances will all expire on July 1, 2014, unless the Florida Legislature extends the program. As your space coast boat club resource, we’ll continue advocating for boat safety and boater involvement in state legislation.

For more information on the Pilot Program, click here.