Dragon Point to Be Saved

Whether you’re a longtime resident of Melbourne or you’re just passing through, chances are that you’ve heard about Dragon Point. Annie, the dragon located just north of our dock is getting the second chance that residents hoped it would.

Built in 1971, Annie the dragon was a staple landmark of Central Florida until it fell into disrepair. For years residents rallied to raise money to rebuild Annie, even starting an organization, “Save Dragon Point.” The organization had raised nearly $20,000 when a contractor from Palm Bay bought the land that Annie resided on. Melbourne residents were anxious to see Annie resurrected, and hoped that the new property owner shared in their sentiment. To their delight, new owner Don Facciobene recently announced his intention to save Dragon Point, building an even bigger and better dragon sculpture named Rojak. The two-headed dragon sculpture is to be inspired by an oil painting done by Facciobene’s son. The two heads are to signify the dragon watching over both the Indian River and the Banana River that we love so dearly.

Rojak’s construction is expected to be complete by 2017, so be sure to check it out now and imagine the transformation that lies ahead! As your local boat club, we are looking forward to seeing Dragon Point rise again, and we hope that you share in our excitement.