Daylight Saving Time Could Be Here to Stay

At 321 Boat Club we are still adjusting to the time change from just a few weeks ago. Florida lawmakers are considering permanently implementing daylight saving time and making the recent time change on March 9th the last one.

There are differing opinions concerning the benefits of changing the clocks forward every spring and backward every fall. The change to Florida law would mean more sunlight later in the evening and less in the morning. At your Space Coast boat club we have mixed emotions concerning the proposition. On one hand our members can enjoy more sunlight on the water later in the evening, but early risers will experience darker mornings.

Should Florida lawmakers vote to permanently implement daylight saving time our clocks won’t be “falling back” in the fall, as it will go into effect July of this year. Whether the laws or the clocks change, at 321 Boat Club our goal remains to provide our members with memorable days on the water. Call today to make a reservation!