Costume Ideas for Boat Lovers

As a 321 Boat Club member we know you love having a good time and being out on the water. So as you prepare for your Halloween and Fall Festival costumes, we bring you nautical-themed costume ideas.

The Pirate and Wench: A common variation on the sea themed costume is the pirate and wench combination. Safe for non-scary family events, pirates can range from silly sailors to ornate Jack Sparrow recreations. Pirates are an easily-recognizable costume that comes with a built-in vocab. Arrrrrgh, matey!

Sea Creatures: Lion fish, tigersharks, and barrier reefs: oh my! Choose any animal in the sea from the dolphins and manatee you’d encounter while out on during a Hayley’s boat rental to deep sea whales. Get a group together to be a school of fish!

The Mysticals: Poseidon, Mermaids, and famous sea characters like Ursula make great sea-themed costumes too. These costumes can be simple or Broadway-ornate, but they’re sure to have everyone talking.

While you’re planning your holiday costumes, keep in mind your love of the water. 321 Boat Club is your Melbourne FL boat club resource for a good time and holiday costume inspiration!