Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day: September 19th

Talk like a pirate day is right around the corner, on September 19th you have a chance to toss yer worries to the wind and talk all day like a scallywag pirate. There be no better way to celebrate this Saturday than tapping into yer boat club membership and findin’ wind fer yer sails. Here are a few terms and their usage you be finding useful as yer sailin’ the seven seas, or you know, just the Indian River Lagoon.

Ahoy matey! – Hello friend!

Ahoy Matey, so glad you be boardin’ this vessel today.

Avast! – Stop!

Avast, thar be a manatee in the water!

Aye – Yes

Be you havin’ any fun? Aye Aye Captain!

Shiver Me Timbers – Oh My Goodness!

Shiver met timbers, it’s a beautiful day to be on the sea.

Lily-livered, Codfish – faint of heart

Grandpa is too lily-livered to wakeboard, the codfish.

Lass – Lady

Ah, lass are ye ready to cast yer line to catch the great white snook?

Lad – Man

Look out lad, thar be sharks in that water.

Thar – There

Thar be a dolphin orr’ yonder.

Yo-ho-ho – Laughter

Cackle Fruit – eggs

Yer grandma packed hard-boiled cackle fruit for lunch.

Nipperkin – Small cup

Hand me that nipperkin o’ juice please, I be thirsty.

Blimey – Oh My Goodness!

Blimey! I never saw a sunset so purdy!

Belay – To stop

Belay this vessel, thar be another ripe for plunder cross the lagoon.

Davey Jones’ Locker – The bottom of the sea

Yer dad dropped his fishing pole over board, now it be stuck in Davey Jones’ Locker.

No matter yer age, Talk like a pirate day is the best day to be rentin’ a boat at 321 Boat Club. Gather your group of scallywags and pack up yer grog and cackle fruit for an afternoon on the great open lagoon. Ye never know what’s to be seen on talk like a pirate day. Yo Ho Me Hearties! Yo Ho!