Celebrate National Hobby Month on the River

Are you a 321 Boat Club member or considering joining our club? There is no better time than now to spend some well-deserved time on the river!

Did you know that National Hobby Month takes place each January? If you’re looking for an excuse to get off that couch and onto a boat, look no further than our boat club. As a 321 Boat Club member, you have the ability to enjoy boat rentals with the boat of your choice at any time you want during each day. As a member, you also get the perk of 50% off regular Jet Ski rental prices. What better hobby could there be than boating and Jet Skiing in Melbourne?

So don’t hesitate to use National Hobby Month as a reason to join our club. At 321 Boat Club we hope to see you and your family and friends out on the river this month. Already a member? Call us today to reserve your boat or Jet Ski in Melbourne¬†for your next outing!