Celebrate Florida’s Perpetual Summer: Join the Club!

September 22nd marked the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, but Floridians don’t have to wrestle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) due to harsh cold and lack of sunlight like our Northern counterparts. While they’re headed into chilly weather, why not celebrate our perpetual summer a whole new season out on the water? 321 Boat Club is your Melbourne FL boat club resource!

If you spent time out on a boat this summer–renting or borrowing–and loved it, we want to help  you make the transition into a boating lifestyle. With 321 Boat Club, it’s easy. No big long-term commitment, just an assurance you want to get out on the water with ease and no surprises!

So while the long days of sunshine are winding to a close, don’t lament the end of summer. With 321 Boat Club, summer is always waiting for you at the dock. We’re the place for year-round family fun! Come choose your boat based on what you want to do out on the water today and celebrate our year-round summer!