Boating and stress relief

A survey conducted by the National Marine Manufactures Association concluded that boating is among the top three stress-relieving activities. Whether you enjoy the time away with friends and family, water skiing, or fishing, boating hours are as effective at stress relief as road trips and exercise.

Consider that most boating excursions include the hassle of set up or towing, and the benefits to 321 Boat Club boating for stress relief may be exponential. We know you work hard during the week, and that’s why we bring you a reasonable, affordable, easy alternative to make boating simple and even more enjoyable.

321 Boat Club membership is priced for stress relief as well. We don’t surprise you with hidden costs or fluctuate monthly fees. The membership level you choose is simple, affordable, predictable, and easy.  We know you love the water for stress relief, so invest in your mental health with 321 Boat Club memberships!