Boater’s Safety on the Indian River Lagoon

Boating, while one of the most relaxing and enjoyable pastimes in Central Florida, is also one of the most dangerous. As the premier boat club in Melbourne, Florida we believe that boater safety is one of the most important parts of boat club membership. We do our best to educate our members before they hit the water in our expansive fleet of boats. While the Indian River Lagoon may look seem peaceful and unassuming, it is still extremely important to practice boater’s safety, here are some tips to help you along the way.

1)Watch the Weather

The Space Coast is no stranger to bad weather, while we are hit by less hurricanes than anywhere else in Florida, there can still be very dangerous days out on the water. Make sure before you book your boat for the day that the forecast looks favorable. There is nothing worse than having to cancel your fishing trip mid-reel because of inclement weather. If it looks like rain or you will be up against considerable wind gusts, it’s best to stay at port. However having a boat club membership means that no matter what you’ll be able to reschedule with no cost to you!

2) Boating and Alcohol Do Not Mix

Driving a boat while under the influence of alcohol still results in a DUI. Any amount of alcohol is dangerous when maneuvering a water craft. The Indian River Lagoon is full of wildlife and adventure seekers like yourself, alcohol can severely impair your ability to make split second decisions that often crop up while tubing, fishing, or joy riding around Brevard County’s most prized ecosystem. If you bring alcohol on your trip, make sure that if you are driving you remain the designated driver for the safety of your passengers and others enjoying the lagoon.

3) Watch for Wildlife

One of the most marvelous things about 321 Boat Club Membership is how closely and frequently you are able to encounter the “natives.” Manatees, dolphins, and occasional shark or alligator all call the Indian River Lagoon home. It is important to remember that they live here while you are merely a member of one of the best boat clubs in Brevard. Pay attention to “No Wake Zones” and manatee habitats and adhere to their speed limits. Dolphins and fish may be able to get out of your way, but manatees are known for their slow speed. Hitting one can be fatal to a manatee and do quite a bit of damage to a watercraft. Keep your crew, yourself, and the real locals safe by watching out for them.

4) Always Be Prepared

While the lagoon may seem peaceful and unassuming it is important that you are always prepared for the worst. Children, and those who do not know how to swim, must always wear life vests. If you are tubing or wakeboarding it is also advised that you wear a life vest. Seas can change within minutes and being tipped overboard is always a possibility. Make sure to ask your 321 Boat Club Staff the best ways you can prepare yourself for any potential issues that may arise. While the lagoon is quite large, our area of operation is relatively small. If you run into any issues with your boat we will be able to get to you quite quickly.

Boating on the Space Coast is an enjoyable experience. It’s even more enjoyable when you can set sail whenever you please. Club members can enjoy virtually unlimited hours of boating fun no matter what the weather brings in. With our eye on safety, we can best prepare you for a memorable day out on the water.