Boat for Your Health!

At 321 Boat Club we look forward to seeing our members enjoying themselves out on the river. Most people can’t help but smile after a day of boating, but what is it that makes boating so good for the soul? It probably starts with the health benefits regular boating can have on your body.

The stress of everyday life can become a heavy weight to bear when a person doesn’t have a regular way to relieve it. Boating offers an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and gives you a chance to relax and think with a clear mind. High stress levels can lead to high blood pressure and other dangerous health conditions. Don’t wait until the stress becomes overwhelming; use your membership to your health’s advantage by scheduling a boat outing more often.

As your Space Coast boat club we would love to see you out on the river more often. Contact us today to schedule your next relaxing, healthy outing.