A Bait Guide for Your Father’s Day Excursion

Whether you are a father or want to treat your dad to a day on the water with your boat club membership, the best way to spend this Sunday is trolling the lagoon for dinner. If frozen fish sticks won’t cut it this Father’s Day, check out this bait guide and catch the big one.

The Indian River Lagoon is teeming with life, and there are hundreds of ways to bring some home. This list is not comprehensive, but it should help give you a quick idea of what might work for you.

Surface Walker Lures – Mimic Finger Mullet, and in the spring and summer (right around Father’s Day) you can expect Red Fish, Trout, Snook and Tarpon to go after these lures. They can be used in relatively shallow water, and come in all different sizes so you can attract the size of fish you’re looking for.

Spoons – Spoon Lures are great for catching bluefish and king mackerel. If the fish you desire are attacking bunch of baitfish these lures will catch one in the frenzy every time.

Live bait – Live bait like shrimp, mullet and pigfish are your ideal baits for catching any and all fish in the Lagoon. Just make sure you don’t hook the dark spot on a shrimp’s head, or the spinal column along the mullet and pigfish’s lateral lines. That will kill them.

Cut bait – cut bait is also a good way to go, but it doesn’t get as much action as live. It also attracts saltwater catfish, and nobody wants to eat those.

Fishing on the Indian River is a tradition that has been enjoyed by fathers for hundreds of years. Continue the tradition this year with a bucket of bait, your dad and 321 Boat Club.