5 Reasons to Try Water Tubing This Boating Season

Now that spring has arrived and people are starting to head back out on the water, many will begin to partake in water skiing and wakeboarding. But there’s another water sport you can enjoy that’s not as technical and just as fun, water tubing.

While water skiing and wakeboarding are fun, they take concentration and a special skillset to do well. For some people, this might take away from the enjoyment of being on the water. Water tubing is very similar to both water skiing and wakeboarding but without the stressful parts.

One of the top reasons for boating in the spring and summer is that it can be a real relaxing activity. But many water sports contradict that notion by physically challenging the participants. These sports take skill and it can be struggle to even begin the activity much less continuing it for a longer period of time.

Another disadvantage to other water sports is that they are limited to older children and adults. Whether it’s because of the size of the equipment or the speed of the boat, smaller children are unable to participate in these activities, which can make it less of a family activity. So long as an adult is with them, small children can partake in water tubing as there are no restrictions on size or the speed of the boat.

Here are five reasons why water tubing is a great water sport to enjoy this boating season.

It’s an Easy Activity

Other water sports require agility, balance, and strength just to get started but not water tubing. The only requirement to successful water tubing is to hang on tight. As long as you don’t let go of the tube, you don’t have to worry about falling off or your ride ending early. Even if the tube flips over, you can continue so long as you’re still hanging on to the tube. There is no other water sport like that.

It’s Great for All Ages

In order to participate in most water sports, you need to be a certain size. For water skiing and wakeboarding, small children can’t join in because they can’t stand on skis and the boat goes too fast for them. But with water tubing, all ages can enjoy the sport. The tube sits on top of the water whether it’s moving or not so the boat can travel at any speed. There are also large water tubes that can carry more than one person. This is ideal for those with small children that they want to join in the fun because adults can bring the child safely on the tube with them.

Water Tubing is Great Exercise

In addition to being fun, water tubing also gives participants the ability to exercise. Water tubing is a great way to improve your strength and coordination as you hold onto the tube. Even falling off the tube gives you a chance to exercise. While in a sport such as water skiing you are connected to skis that are weighing you down, in water tubing you only fall off once you let go of the tube. At that point you are not connected to anything so you can swim back to the tube or boat, which is great exercise in itself.

It’s a Fun Outdoor Activity

After the cold winter, one of the best things about spring is the ability to go out and enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. Whether you’re on the boat or in the water, you’ll be able to soak in the sun while spending quality time with your loved ones.

The Focus is on Fun

For some water activities like water skiing or wakeboarding, the focus of the activity is on the skill of those participating. With water tubing, the focus is entirely on fun. There is no stress of trying to stay balanced on the water because all you have to do is hold on to the tube.

Having reached spring and now that the weather is warming up, many people will want to go out on the water and enjoy boating activities. A great activity that has many advantages when compared to others is water tubing. If you’d like to enjoy the spring and summer on the water but don’t want to buy a boat, consider joining 321 Boat Club.