5 Reasons a Pontoon Boat May Be Right for You

While they may not be the most exciting boats as they don’t go high speeds or make sharp turns, a pontoon boat is one of the most versatile boats you can take out on the water. From taking your family out for the day to comfort and safety, a pontoon boat will meet all your needs. And if you want to take part in various water activities, it can handle that too. Here are five reasons why you should consider taking out a pontoon boat.

Fun for the Kids

One of the problems with boating with children is that it can be quite dangerous. There are many places that a child can wander on a boat that could see them get injured or go overboard. As a parent you have to constantly worry that a small child is safe on most boats. Another problem is that children are likely to get restless on boats. When there is no room for them to play, they get antsy as they wait for something to do.

These problems don’t exist on a pontoon boat. The size of the boat allows plenty of room for the kids to run around, jump on the couches, and play games on the floor. Meanwhile, there’s enough room for the adults to sit around and relax, knowing that the kids are safe.

A Great Compromise

One of the problems with going out on a boat is that people in your party likely want to do different things. While some would enjoy themselves most taking part in water sports, others would be much happier fishing. A great compromise to this problem is to take out a pontoon boat. While not specifically designed for either water sports or fishing, a pontoon boat makes for an excellent watercraft to take part in both activities. By taking out a pontoon boat, everyone will get to take part in the activities that they enjoy the most.

A Comfortable Boat

One of the biggest reasons why many people choose to take out a pontoon boat is that it is a very comfortable boat. While other, smaller boats have a limited amount of room for occupants and less comfortable chairs, if they have chairs at all, pontoon boats regularly feature padded couches that allow for occupants to have a comfortable ride. Add in the fact that the boat can’t take sharp turns and usually max’s out at about 28 miles per hour and you have a very relaxing, enjoyable ride.

Safety of a Pontoon Boat

For many families, safety is a major reason why they want to take out a pontoon boat. If there are children on the boat, the size and slow speed of the boat makes it easy for them to play and enjoy themselves without many no-go areas where they could get injured. If you are planning on taking young children out on a boat, there probably isn’t a better boat to take them out on than a pontoon boat.

Another reason why pontoon boats are so safe is that they are big and heavy. This makes them easier to drive than other boats as their slow speed and wide turning angle makes them much harder to flip. For those that have less experience driving boats, this can be a huge selling point on why they should take a pontoon boat out on the water.

Plenty of Storage Space

Depending on what you plan on doing during your boating adventure, you may need a significant amount of storage space. No boats have more storage space than pontoon boats which make them ideal for a day out with friends and family. When heading out on the water during a holiday, everyone coming with you may want to bring some items. If it’s cold outside, there may be quite a bit of warm clothing depending on how many people have joined you. While you are limited on most boats, you have plenty of storage space on a pontoon boat.

If you are thinking of a taking a boat out on the Indian River Lagoon with family and friends for a day of fun and relaxation, a pontoon boat may be the right choice for you. In addition to having the ability to lay on couches or have room for the kids to play, pontoon boats allow you to experience several different activities like water sports and fishing. So if you are interested in taking out a pontoon boat, come to 321 Boat Club.