321 Boat Club Membership is a Cost-Effective Gift!

If you have someone special on your list that you really want to wow this Christmas, consider a membership at 321 Boat Club! Compared to the cost of boat ownership and maintenance, it’s an economical way to ensure that someone you love has access to the water without breaking the bank.

Perhaps your spouse or child has always wanted a boat. You’d love to gift them with one, but the initial expense is cost-prohibitive. Perhaps you’d be willing to purchase a boat, but don’t want to have to worry about storage and maintenance and the inconvenience of getting it to and from the water. We’re the solution!

321 Boat Club membership means less cost over the long run. Maintenance, insurance, storage–none of that matters when you’re a boat club member. So if you want to give the gift of year-round fun on the water without having to worry about the details, consider giving a gift membership to someone you love this year. We guarantee it will be their favorite gift all year long!